Tips To Put Together A Perfect SEO Plan | Master these 3 Steps & you Are Good To Go

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the one Digital Marketing Master tool that will not only help you gain business, but will also help you grow it to extraordinary lengths. It is a personal belief and a tested theory that it is prudent that you should be aware of some basic tactics of SEO if you own a website or any site online. SEO is one of the key players of Digital Marketing and is one of the basic one. If you are not willing in learning SEO, then make sure that you hire an expert to deal with it.

To begin with, it is vital that SEO is penned into the marketing strategy you are working in from the very start. Gone are the times, when SEO was introduced for the complete site after its completion. To sum it all up it is clear that SEO strategy has to be infused with everything from the very beginning. Moreover, for the effective results one must be very clear with the audience he/she has to target along with the clarity of the core message that needs to be conveyed.

After you are done figuring out these things, then you can start with the editorial plan and focus on content strategy. Make sure that while creating the content strategy, you do not fall out of line with the core of your working principle.

The Three Master Steps That Will Help You Get a Hold on Your SEO Strategy

Before beginning the journey of SEO, you should make yourself aware of the key steps that will strengthen your SEO plan. Here, What we have listed are 3 Categories that fall together to seed a good SEO strategy. Hold Tight While we take a ride of these three categories below –

Keyword Research 

Keyword research is the phenomenon that is followed by the SEO professionals to find the actual terms in relation to your business that people search for in the search engines. Being the root of the SEO, keyword research is very essential and integral part that one should be familiar with. With Keywords, we mean both the words and keyword phrases that are termed as short tail and long tail keywords respectively.

Keywords are included in the strategic part of understanding any business. Not only it will enlighten you with the actual terms that people search for related to your business, but will ensure you that you are moving in the right direction in planning the strategy. It is observed that most often we believe that we know about what people are typing in the search engines, but we have proved wrong afterward, hence, it is essential that you do a full fledge keyword research rather than jumping on the ideas you have.

Now, the question that remains is- How to conduct Keyword Research?

Begin by making the list – By making a list you will get enlighten with some of the ideas about the keywords that audience is actually searching for. For starting the list you should follow the three step phenomenon that includes Brainstorming, Wikipedia, and Related Searches.

Brainstorming Ideas – In this step, you should get back into the emails, phone calls and other areas where you interacted with the audience some how to scratch down some of the questions that they asked. And make a list of those and find out some common keywords based on the analysis.

Wikipedia’s Table of Content- Once, you are done brainstorming the keyword ideas, you should jump on the Wikipedia. There the table of content is a good source of penning down some efficient keyword ideas.

Google Related Searches – The best way of analyzing the keywords for your business is through Google’s Related Searches. Basically, these are the terms that you can see at the end of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). All these terms are basically those terms that are being frequently typed in by the audience.

The motto behind making the list of these relevant keywords is to strategize the content creation targeting a set of 10-12 keywords at a time for the audience. Also, there are other ways to find out the set of relevant keywords like Google Keyword Planner, etc.

The Content Creation – The Next step that comes after preparation of the list of keywords (at-least 20+ Keywords) including 6 of the fundamental terms is planning the content theme for every month. Not only this will increase the relevancy of the content, but will also streamline the content development process.

On-Page SEO 

On-Page SEO is the concept that goes hand-in-hand with the content creation. It is the phenomenon that represents the tricks that you can easily implement on the page to help improve the page’s Google rank.  Following are mentioned the areas that should include the Keyword that is targeted while content creation –

  • Header Tags
  • URL
  • Copy
  • Title of the Page
  • Meta Description
  • Alt Text

There is a very fine line between appropriate keyword distribution and Keyword Stuffing and therefore, one should be very careful as Google will definitely penalize you for that. One of the great tools for SEO is Yoast that goes adequately with WordPress as a plugin.

While it’s important to use keywords in these areas, don’t keyword stuff! Google will penalize you for it. We will discuss Yoast in detail in the upcoming blogs.

Authority Signals – Link Building

The concept of Authority signals s bit tricky, but once you get a hold on it nothing can be easier. These are the signals or notes that are not available on your website and yet contribute to the effectiveness of SEO. Although the concept is underestimated but has a huge impact on the SEO of the site. Earlier, link building was considered vital and people were turning into making it a trade by purchasing the links, hoping that the search engine will recognize them but, instead of Search engine caught the trick and started penalizing them. By Today also link building is an integral part of SEO. To build quality links make sure that you get the links from associations and strategic partners. One of the other ways is guest blogging on the relative and good sites, as it will attract the traffic onto your site. Personally, we feel the right way of getting back links is from the sites that are running guest content linking back to their site. One of the other ways to reach out that has proved effective is the podcast.

That is all for beginning phase of SEO for your site and, these three master steps will not only help you frame a great SEO plan but will also help you grab the key concepts behind SEO. So, as most of you are in habit of complicating the strategy, trust us, to be effective, it is not important to be complicating. So, follow these simple steps and see the difference.

Stay Tuned for More Updates on SEO and Digital Marketing that will grow your business.

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