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There are many things that a social media manager has to keep in track to plan a master plan for the Social media marketing. Although there is no one list that fits all, still there are some points that are good for the starting point. Here are some checkpoints for the beginners to find out how often they should perform the social marketing activities.

Checklist for Daily Basis for the Social Media Managers for Social Media Marketing

Here is the list of things that social manager has to carry on the daily basis to carry on the perfect social media marketing.

Inbound Social Messages 

As we all are very familiar that social media is turning into one of the popular channels for the customer support, therefore, it has become one of the great medium of engaging the customers who are trying to reach up to your brand. It is very important to keep in touch with the customers on regular basis. So, if you have messages in your social media profiles, do not ignore answering them.

Create a Conversation On Social Media With Brand Advocates

There are many brands who have a wide range of fans who they trust on to provide solid word-of-mouth marketing for your brand positively. So, keep a track on the names that are continuously taking about your brand and make sure to build a relation with them by engaging them in a conversation of your brands.

Monitor The Brand Tags and Respond to Them

Social media has become a great platform for people to discuss brands, and if your brand is getting discussed on any of the social sites, it is very important that you keep a tag on that post. If you are not keeping a track on the discussion happening on your brand daily, then  there might be a case that you miss out a complete conversation on your brand. There are many social media monitoring tools made for that, we will discuss about these brands in upcoming blogs here.

Look and Engage the Potential Customers

Now, the basics of marketing is to target the right audience to help you spread your brand name and find the potential customers. Remember, there are many brands who serve the similar products or services as yours, and therefore it is a wise place to find the potential customers for your brand. So, keep a track on all the similar brands social media discussions to find and engage the potential customers.

Create an Editorial Calendar

 It is true that social media is active 24/7, but that does not mean that you also have to be active for 24/7 too. With the option of scheduling your social media content calendar now, you can keep updating your posts 24/7. There are many social media scheduling tools that we will be discussing in the upcoming posts. 

How many Times should you post on Twitter? 

Well! there is a lot of confusion that is going around regarding the number of times that one should post on Twitter. Well! you should only post as often to social media as you feel comfortable with. But, on an average posting on twitter for around three to six times is a good number opted by many social media marketers.

How many Times should you post on Facebook? 

Coming to the facebook it is hard to solidify any particular number, but in general, it has essentially come forth that it is a good idea to post one or two posts daily on Facebook. While posting on Facebook make sure that you are not over advertising as it will fall under penalty by Facebook.


Adequate Number of Posts Daily on Different Social Media Networks
Social Media Network Number of Post One Should Post Daily
Facebook 2-3
Google + No Limit
Instagram 4-5
Linkedin 3-4

How many Times should you post on Google+?

Google+ posts are most debatable of all the social media platforms, bit is also the safest option. Google+ is a great platform to network around as the snippets on Google+ page appear in the search results of your brand terms and keywords. Google+ also have many communities that you can post in. 

How many Times should you post on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best social networking sites for brand promotions. This is the one platform where you can share images on the frequent basis and bring forth your brand by making it ‘must follow’ brands.

Keep Monitoring your Competition for their Social Media Marketing Strategies

keeping an eye on your competition is one of the wise moves and must be carried out on daily basis and with that, you can find out some of the ways in which the competing brands are benefiting and apply this to your brand promotions. This would also help you resonate with your audience and find out who is not happy with their products and target them for your offers.

Working on the Blog Posts 

The blog post is one of the finest ways of content marketing leading to brand promotions. So, doing the blog posts on site and off site (guest posts etc) is also a very good idea for marketing your brand around. So, if you are looking for the ways of marketing on the social network, then, opting for blog posts on daily basis will be a good idea.

Here, above are some key points that one successful Social media manager should follow on daily basis. Keep in Touch for more tips on becoming a social media manager.

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