Android Shortcuts To Make Full Use of Your Android Phone

The discovery of the android smartphones was to ease your life by saving you the time. Not only they were made to make your life convenient but were designed to make our activities more sunk. Where, most of us are using Android smartphones there, among that many are not familiar with the actual features of Android. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some of the shortcuts available for Android that will make the use of Android easier. There are many hidden shortcuts in your smartphone that need unblocking. Scroll down to unfold shortcuts available in your smartphone that you might not be aware of –

Messaging And Phone Calls 

Counted among the best feature of Android are widgets. Are you aware that you can not only create widgets for your apps but can also create contact widgets for your favorite contacts?

Adding the Contact Widget – For adding the contact widget to your main screen, all you have to do is hold on the main screen to choose widgets and then move forth to select the contact section.

Quick Response Message Settings – Incoming Calls most often come at inconvenient times hence, setting the quick response may come in handy. Quick responses option lets you set up the text messages like “can’t talk now” or “call you back in an hour” to give a quick response to the calls. Phones operating with the android Lollipop have the quick response option in the dialer app settings. Opting for this settings, you can create or edit the quick response messages.

Note –

  • You are only allowed to have four quick responses at a time.
  • The name of this option may vary with different types of Android Version.

After you have set the quick response messages, whenever you will get the incoming call, you will find the option to respond by text and all you have to do is choose your text and hit send.

Launch Your Camera 

 It happens a million times that you see something interesting on street and want to take a picture, but by the time you launch the camera of your phone the act is over. Luckily there is one shortcut that can fix this issue. Most of you must not be aware that by clicking twice the home button or power button, you can launch the camera easily on your android phone. If you have android Marshmallow then you can easily launch your camera from your lock screen. For this, all you have to do is tap, hold, and swipe the camera icon and walla! you can click the photo without unlocking the phone.

OK Google And Voice Commands 

Did you know that you can enable the “OK Google” command on any screen on your android phone? Well! here is the next android shortcut that will ease your life on daily basis. For enabling the “OK Google” command, all you have to do is go to Google search app’s settings and select the voice, “OK Google” detection and finally tap on the “from any screen option”. Now, you are all set to use the OK Google and Voice Commands.

You can also use the voice commands to get things done on your android phone like setting reminders, appointment scheduling, making a call or firing up the Google Maps for getting the directions. This feature of Android is great while you are driving.

 Well! Here you go for now. Mentioned above are some cool Android shortcuts that can really come in handy on the daily basis.

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