Best Calculator Apps For Your iPhone | 2017

We all are familiar with the inbuilt  Calculator for iPhone, still, there are many calculator apps that are designed for the best calculation experience. Although the calculator embedded in iPhone is modified to perform many operations in comparison with the solar powered Casio calculator, still there are many operations that are not possible with this calculator application in iPhone. There are many iPhone calculator applications that are available to provide you best calculation experience depending upon your job and studies. Below are the best Calculator applications for iPad and iPhone.

Below are the best Calculator applications for iPad and iPhone.

  • Pcalc
  • My script Handwriting Calculator
  • Calcbot
  • Free Graphing Calculator for iPad

PCalc’s App 

PCalc’s calculator app is one of the full-featured calculator app designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and Mac or any iOS operated the device. This is the one calculator app that is designed for scientists and engineers embedded with the featuring buttons and options for advance functions such as optional RPN mode as well as multi-line display.

With this app, you can –

  • Choose your Button Layout
  • Keep Track of Calculations – Paper Tape Feature
  • Undo and Redo the calculations
  • Perform all complex calculations like hexadecimal, octal, as well as binary calculations

Available for Rs. 800 – Download Now

MyScript Handwriting Calculator

MyScript Handwriting Calculator is one of the perfect calculator known for delivering the fast results and calculations. The best part about this app is that it converts the handwriting into the digital text, making it easy to find the results for a complex calculation like long division or square root.

With this Calculator app for iOS, you can –

  • perform trigonometry
  • basic math operations
  • percentages
  • inverse trigonometry

Available For Free – Download Now 

Free Graphing Calculator For iPad

What if you find out that there is one Free Graphing Calculator for your iOS device that has all the features of a scientific calculator? Won’t that be amazing? Well! Here is it. Now you can perform all the scientific calculations like square roots, natural log, cube roots, log base 10, permutations etc along with the graphing capabilities that help you draw a graph for four equations at once. This app is one of the best and free graphing calculators for iPad and iPhone.

Available For Free – Download Here 

Calcbot, Best Calculator App For iPad, iPhone and other iOS operated Calculator

Counted among the best, free and decent calculator application, Calcbot is one famous calculator app for iPad, iPhone etc. Not only it lets you perform conversions quickly but also have history tape that helps you send old calculations to your current calculations.

Available For Free – Download Now 

Conclusion – If you are looking for some great calculator apps for your iOS operated the device, here are some of the best options available. So, download one of the best calculator apps for your iPad, iPhone, Mac etc.

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