Xiaomi Car Charger and Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable Hits the Market in India This Tuesday

Xiaomi, the renowned smartphone manufacturing company has come up with the new Xiaomi car charger and Mi 2-in-1 data cable on this Tuesday in India. Good news continues with the discount offer on both these Mi products from Mi.com. The cost of this Mi Car Charger, available on their official website after 20 percent discount for Rs.799 and the Mi 2-in-1 USB cable is available for Rs.299.

Glance at The Xiaomi Car Charger Launched this Tuesday

All new Xiaomi car charger is designed in a simplistic metal design. This car charger by Xiaomi went under 18-step process including the CNC milling, integrated molding, polishing and painting, laser engraving, and plating. This brilliant Mi car charger is designed to support both 12V and 24V power ports and is embedded with the feature of adjusting the output level based on the device that is connected.

Compatibility – The Mi Car Charger is compatible with the smartphone as well as Tablets across the wide range of brands. The compatibility of this Xiaomi car charger extends to the brands like Apple, HTC, Google, Blackberry, and Samsung. Not only mobiles, tablets and notes can be charged with this Mi Car charger, but it can be also charge MacBook when paired with the USB Type-C charger.

Glance at the New Mi 2-in-1  (Micro-USB to Type-C) USB Cable

The second new launch includes the Mi 2-in-1 USB cable  designed to provide up to 2.4 A charging. The Cable is designed with the 16 insulated conductors that are wrapped up in the high-quality copper braids to increase its durability and strength. This cable can be used to charge and transfer the data between the devices that feature the USB Type-C as well as Micro-USB ports.

Compatibility – The Mi 2-in-1 USB cable is designed to be compatible with the USB Type-C and Micro-USB ports.

Added in the list of this year developments by Xiaomi are the two Mi 2-in-1 USB cable and Mi Car Charger. So, Why not grab the latest new tech gadgets to experience the ongoing developments in the tech-gadget industry.

Source – Gadget360

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