Logitech Launches MX Ergo Bringing the First Trackball Mouse in India

This Wednesday, Logitech introduced new innovative MX Ergo mouse in India making it the first new trackball mouse introduced within a decade. The mouse is designed for delivering the precise tracking of multiple devices and is embedded with the adjustable hinges.

Logitech Mx Ergo Mouse’s Adjustable Hinge Feature Improves Wrist Posture and Pronation

According to the sources from the company, the adjustable hinge designed in this new MX Ergo Mouse help increasing the angle from 0-20 degrees improving the wrist posture and pronation. Where the shape of this mouse is sculpted to provide a full support to your palm and fingers there, the soft rubber on the top of this mouse enhances the comfort of gripping it for long hours of work.

This new MX Ergo trackball mouse has a feature of adjusting the cursor speed and accuracy with just a single button press. This mouse also has the fast-charge option that ensures you to make it through a full day with just a minute of charging.

Point of Interests in the new MX Ergo Mouse – 

There are many points of interest that this new Logitech MX Ergo Mouse caters including –

  • Faster and Precise Navigation
  • Cursor speed and accuracy can be controlled with a single button
  • LED Light activation on the Precision mode
  • Easy Switch and Flow technologies (this allows the MX Ergo Mouse to pair up with multiple devices and can switch between them easily)

Designed keeping in mind the comfort of the users, Logitech has designed this new trackball mouse to increase the comfort of the users.

Price of the MX Ergo Trackball Mouse in India is set at Rs. 6,400 ($99.99) and is selling at logitech.com. Also, there is one special edition of the mouse that is following up this trackball mouse that will be made available in the market at the same price with some variations.

Buy It From – logitech.com

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