7th Pay Commission | Still No Decision on Minimum Pay Hike

Despite continuous efforts of 7th Pay Commission, the government is still not taking any official decision on the matter of increasing the minimum pay hike for the central government employees and pensioners. 7th Pay commission has been debating continuously on this issue and has put in regular effort to help the government take the decision as soon as possible.

With the ongoing debates over the pay hike and the pending decision, the government has shown its disability to come to any decision. Since the beginning of this year, 7th Pay commission has been working very hard to improve the pay matrix of the country.

NAC Meeting to be Held For Minimum Pay Hike Issue Recommended by 7th Pay Commission

After the continuous recommendations of the 7th Pay commission, finally, the Modi Sarkaar has waved the green flag for the minimum pay hike to be incremented. NAC has been told to hold a meeting to clarify all the details and formulate a report to present before the Union Cabinet by January 2018.

The Central government employees are desperately waiting for a decision of government over this issue and the government’s slow process is turning their spirit soar. After so many efforts of 7th Pay commission, the decision was expected to come early.

As per the media reports, the word has it that the minimum pay hike for the CG employees and pensioners is going to increase from Rs.18,000 to Rs. 21,000 by January 2018. Although there has been no word from the government on this matter, still there are some sources that are assuring that the norm is going to be formulated soon.

Also, along with the minimum pay hike, 7th Pay commission has also recommended raising the fitment factor to 3 from 2.67.

Government Turning to Disappoint CG Employees

After the NAC meeting, the report formulated will pass to the Union Cabinet where the final decision will be taken. It has been months now, and still, the progress on the matter is disappointing. As far as the implementation of the promises goes, Modi Sarkaar is turning out to be a huge disappointment.

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