Chandigarh Accounted 773 Vehicle Thefts this Year | Chandigarh Police Actions

Chandigarh has been considered as one of the most administered and peace-loving cities in India. The authenticity of the city’s security has been continuously deteriorating since past few years. Evidencing loads of horrible events, Chandigarh has been flashing in news for unexpected news. Accounting to the vehicle thefts, the number of vehicles stolen this year has increased immensely. Last year 616 vehicle theft reports were filed throughout Chandigarh, and this year there has been 733 Vehicle theft reporting throughout the city.

Is Chandigarh Police Department Weak or Negligent? 

Evidencing such horrifying incidents like rapes, vehicle burning, and vehicle thefts prove the incapability of the Chandigarh Police department. There once was a time when there was no fear among the residents of Chandigarh, there was trust on the police department and the administration of the city. This year there were 733 vehicle theft reports in Chandigarh from some of the prominent areas of the city. According to the sources like Tribune, 99 vehicle theft reports were accounted from the areas falling under the jurisdiction of Sector 39 Police Station. Also, 72 reports were filed in the Sector 34 Police station and 72 reports of stolen vehicles were filed from the area coming under the jurisdiction of Sector 36 Police Station. Not only this there were 76 FIRs recorded in the Sector 17 Police station regarding Vehicle thefts in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh, that once was a home to peace and security has now been flushing down to the limits deteriorating the fine beauty and the administrative security of the city. The administration and the police department should take some steps to regain the authentic beauty of the city. Keeping city clean from the dirt and litter is not that defines the beauty of Chandigarh, but the feel of being secure and the zeal of trust on the police department and administration is what brings forth the actual flawless beauty of the city. As off now the Police have recovered 115 vehicles that were stolen and the hunt for the rest is still going.


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