Is India really Stepping Forth to Become a Digital Nation After Demonetisation?

India has been under a complete review nowadays. After demonetisation in India, the number of digital transactions has significantly increased. As per the analysis and survey carried out by many renowned sources, it has come to light that the notes ban has lead India to evidence the boost in the digital transactions.

Note Ban, A Reason to Boost Digital Transactions in India 

According to the latest survey on the number of Digital transactions in India, it has been encountered that the number has multiplied significantly since the notes got banned. According to the reports, the electronic money transactions have been increased. These transactions occurred in the multiple ways that include the bank transfers, credit card, and Debit card transactions as well as transactions through wallet apps.

As per the recent media reports and surveys, the number of digital money transfers has spiked in India. As per the vision of Modi Sarkar to make India a Digitized nation, this can be considered as one of the major steps. After the notes ban announced by Mr. Narendra Modi, the evidence of encountering digital money transactions has increased. The comparison between the number of the digital transaction from August 2016 to August 2017 has been published at The post online on this website depicts the 136 percent growth in the mobile wallet use that is the number of digital transactions has increased from Rs. 3074 Crore to Rs. 7262 Crore in India over the past year.

The Notes ban was not the only thing that pushed people to use the technology on daily basis, but the new India is also encountering various changes in the methods and measures it has been using since Independence. The new Aadhaar Card linking and PAN card linking has shifted the complete Indian Administration to become Digitized. Also, there are many new upgrades coming up in the Indian Government in the coming year.

According to the survey, the vision of making India a Digital country seems to be shaping in reality. With these changes going on soon we will see the revolutionary systems installed in India.

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