6 Flights Delayed, 7 Canceled to and From Chandigarh-Delhi

7 Flights Canceled, 6 Flights delayed to and from Chandigarh- Delhi. The chaos created due to the delay in the flight schedule. As per the media reports and according to some reliable sources the flights from multiple airlines have been encountering delay due to the poor weather conditions. Smog has been marked as the culprit behind these delays. As per the recent reports from the Chandigarh International Airport and Indra Gandhi Internation Airport, 6 flight delays have been encountered to date. Also, according to the latest updates, 7 flights operating between Chandigarh and Delhi have been canceled.

Passengers Upset with the Flight Delay and Canceled Flight Schedule Between Chandigarh-Delhi

As per the full reports from both Chandigarh International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport 6 flights operating to and from Chandigarh-Delhi. On account of the deteriorating weather, 7 of the flights have also been canceled.

The flights that got delayed include the Jet Airways, Go Air, Air Vistara flights. The 2 flights flying to and from Delhi airport experienced the delay. The flights that got delayed included the Jet Airways that was scheduled to depart from Delhi at 2:20 PM left the runway 2 hours late on account of the delay in the arrival of flight on Delhi Airport. Among the delayed flights was Air Vistaras’ Flight that was scheduled to leave the Delhi Airport at 12:15 PM and the Go Air Flight that was supposed to leave at 10:40 AM.

According to the recent schedule of the Chandigarh International Airport and Indra Gandhi International Airport, 7 flights operating between Chandigarh-Delhi has been canceled. This delay and cancellation of the flights have created a lot of mess among the passengers and according to the airport authorities, the delay was caused by the Smog.

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