Jalandhar Shocking Robbery Case | 1.18 Crores Stolen on Road in Punjab

Jalandhar, Punjab has been infested with many robbers from past few days. Well! Another shocking case of the robbery has surfaced in the city of Punjab. Being in news for such incidents, Jalandhar has turned really towards its deterioration. A Rs. 1.18 Crore cash van was robbed in Jalandhar on 10th November 2017.

7 People Arrested For Robbing Cash Van in Punjab, Jalandhar

As per the sources and media reports on Times of India the robbery took place on 10th November 2017. After the robbery that took place on 10th November 2017, a special investigating team (SIT) was assigned the task to investigate and arrest the culprit. With a great success, the SIT that is special investigating team arrested 7 accused in the village of Rajasthan located within Sikar District. Along with arresting 7 accused, the Special investigating team also recovered Rs. 61.69 lakh of the stolen amount.

Among accused was Manoj Kumar aged 22, Sukhdev Singh Aka Sonu aged 30 years and Satinderpal Singh Happy aged 25. All three of the accused belong to Kapurthala and another accused arrested Sharma belongs to Nadala village. After the recovery of 61.69 Lakh from Sikar, another Rs. 16.37 Lakh and Rs. 14.96 Lakh amount was recovered from Dallan Native Sonu and another Rs. 16.98 was recovered from Satinderpal. With the efficiency of the Punjab police department, the first arrest was made right after half an hour of the robbery.

The amount has been recovered and the accused have been arrested. This is one of the proud moments for Punjab Police. The number of cases of robbery, assaults, rapes, murders etc has been raising in Punjab continuously.

The robbery took place on 10th November 2017 when a Rs. 1.18 Crore cash van was robbed in Jalandhar by young men. Punjab police have been great in solving this case but still, there are many cases that are still open. Closing down on the robbers, Punjab police has proved itself quite efficient.

SIT that is special investigating team has been formed for the arrest of the accused in the robbery case. The SIT team has arrested 7 of the robbers and have recovered most of the money.

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