Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula To Connect through Outer Ring Road To Benefit Daily Commuters

Traffic is becoming one of the main concerns for the daily commuters between Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula. It is because of which the decision of construction of the outer ring route between Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula has been taken by the high-level committee of planning and development during the meeting held on 17th November 2017. The meeting was held due to raising concerns about traffic congestions within the city, due to which the daily commuters within the Tricity are facing delays. After analyzing the problem several decisions and proposals were kept on the table by the high-level committee of Planning and Development.

Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula Outer Ring Road Coming Soon 

Media reports are all over the internet regarding the upcoming Ring road on the southern outskirts connecting Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula through Peer Mushala in Mohali and Sector 20 in Panchkula. As per the latest updates directly from the meeting of the High-level committee of Planning and development, along with the new ring road, a proposal for the construction of an alternative road connecting Chandigarh International Airport is also put forward on the table.

According to the sources like Times of India, the final decision on the construction of an alternative route connecting Chandigarh International Airport will be taken after the complete survey is carried out by the authorities. In the upcoming changes in Tricity, the Ghaggar River in Panchkula is also going to get a bridge connecting Sector 25 and 26.

These are some prominent decisions that have been taken by the High-level planning and development committee of all these three states. Most important of these decisions is the construction of the outer ring road connecting Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula. This will not only help daily commuters to avoid traffic between the Tricity but will also decrease the traffic congestion in the city.

This 700 meters outer ring road will be constructed on the outskirts of the cities Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. In the upcoming year, there are many changes that are going to change the Tricity. The administration has been trying really hard to manage the traffic between the Tricity and as a result of the efforts, Daily commuters between Tricity will now be able to avoid the traffic on the road.

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