Golden Temple Gets Title of Most Visited Place in the World | WBR

WBR, The world’s book of records is the London based company that keeps a track on the world’s records has now entitled our Holy Golden Temple, Amritsar as the most visited place in the World. It is one of the proud moments for India to be a home to this holy shrine. Golden Temple is the most significant religious place in India, Amritsar. This place holds the religious value among the Sikhs and is one of the most beautiful of Gurudwaras in the World. WBR this year has entitled the place as ‘the most visited place in the world’.

Golden Temple Gets ‘The Most Visited Place in the World’ Title 

Golden Temple is located in Amritsar, Punjab in India. This place not only is one of the prominent religious destinations in India but is one of the best tourist places in the country. Being one of the religious places the aura of the place is very peaceful. Recently, under the Heritage street programme, the beautification of the place was accounted. After Vaishno Devi and Shirdi, Golden Temple has been entitled as the most visited place in the World by WBR that is World’s Book of Records.

As per the media records, the Golden Temple was awarded the title on 24th November 2017.  According to the log, Golden Temple houses the Holy shrine that has a prominent significance to the Sikh religion. Also, the place welcomes Lakhs of visitors every day. This became one of the reasons why WBR awarded the place with the title of Most visited place in the World. When WBR was asked about the criteria for selecting the Golden Temple, Amritsar for the title, they said there are no specific criteria for this.

This increase in the number of the visitors on daily basis was one of the reasons that the renowned Golden Temple was awarded the title. This increase in a number of visitors was accounted after the live telecast of the Gurubani Kirtan was started on TV.  This is one of the proud moments for India. Earlier Mount Abu, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Vaishno Devi were also entitled to the same by WBR.

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