Lucknow-Chandigarh Gets Direct Air Connectivity | Flight Bookings Dates out

There are many changes that have occurred in the Chandigarh Air connectivity this year. After getting the daily Kullu-Chandigarh Flight, now Chandigarians can enjoy a direct flight from  Lukhnow to Chandigarh. For the people who were looking forth to travel to Chandigarh from Lukhnow, here is the good news. As stated by TOI, a Go Air flight will fly directly from Lukhnow to Chandigarh on 12th December. This news flashed after the official announcement made by the Go Air.

Go Air to Fly Directly from Lukhnow to Delhi on 12th December

According to the latest news flashes, Go Air has announced that they will start operating direct flights between Chandigarh and Lukhnow from 12th December 2017. The flight G8-805 will soon connect Lukhnow-Chandigarh-Bangaluru as per the statement of Go Air on Thursday. As of now, the two flights from Chandigarh to Delhi and Mumbai are in operation under the Go Air.

After 12th December, Go Air will become the first operator to connect Chandigarh and Lukhnow directly.

The Lukhnow-Chandigarh Flight Schedule 

According to the statements that came forth from the sources working at Go Air, the new flight that is supposed to connect Lukhnow and Chandigarh will be operated once a week on every Tuesday from 12th December 2017. The flight is scheduled to land at Chandigarh Airport around 12:40 PM and will depart for Banghaluru from Chandigarh at 1:10 PM. According to the official announcement, the fare is still to be disclosed. Also, the word has come out that this flight will not be flying one-way. Yet the information is still not officialized.

This is one good news for those who have been waiting for the air connectivity between the three destinations being Chandigarh, Lukhnow, and Bengaluru.

Highlights – 

Chandigarh-Lukhnow-Bengaluru to get Air connectivity from 12th December 2017.

Go Air to become the first Flight operator to connect Lukhnow to Chandigarh via direct flight.

Flight will land at Chandigarh Airport at 12:40 PM from Lukhnow

Flight will depart for Bengaluru at 1:10 PM

The Go air has been really busy this year for making progress. Chandigarh will now be connected to Lukhnow via air after 12th December 2017.


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